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Be creative mix and match
Be creative with your wardrobe. Combine feminine things like chiffon and embroidery with masculine structured pieces like heavy pants and jackets.

Mix and match - the 'partying' work clothes
This festive season, be on the go with a suit that perfect for work and can take you straight to your office party or for drinks after work.

Seamline - Go Floral
Not every woman can live with just the polished work look alone. Floral prints are not the everyday work wear but they should definitely be a part of your wardrobe.

Seamline - Suit yourself
Wearing a pants suit is the conventional way to go to work. This suit adds a little more style to the that idea, the tailoring highlights your curves-sexy but understated. It's practical, edgy and fun.

Knotty affair
These are ties a budget, delve into subtle and off beat colours. They are in. No abstracts, but symmetrical

SEAM LINE - Smart and elegant
Instead of the ordinary skirt-shirt, skirt-jacket combination, a snappy work dress is an option.

A touch of nature
Workplace attire need not be restricted to the plain colours or stripes; splash a little colour with a floral shirt and matching skirt.

Sling 'em up
Bags are an important part of your work attire. Apart from the utility, they have evolved into the most fashionable and fun piece of your outfit. Some styles for the office goers.

Seam line
Get high on the hip mode this season; flare is in and so are the puffs.

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