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The first rung
Customer service is both a challenging and a critical task for any organisation, a customer forms an opinion depending on the kind of services he receives. Maya Walrond, senior vice president, Customer Experience and Technology Innovation, The Bank of Nov

Being young is a challenge
From providing business development services to lecturing, she is an entrepreneur, teacher and an author; a multi faceted persona rolled into one frame.

He is 27; at the first look he cuts an unassuming figure, more like a fresher out of the college. Scratch the surface and the fathoms of achievements and the experience flow out...

Plain Talk
Samuel G. Coates Sr, a young entrepreneur and the first Vice President of the YEA, speaks with jobsmart on his expriences as a businessman.

Making the right choices
Fast-forward 2 years. I was 19. I made it into University and barely was able to pay tuition, but through work and deejaying, I made it work

Interview with Valerie Tappin
Since its inception the Technology Innovation Centre (TIC) at the University of Technology is providing support start up businesses

The journey of my life
I am sure many of you can relate to that part of my story. Let's see if anything else resonates with you. Where I am today is the result of choices I have made from I was a youngster.

Interview With Aldain Reid
At 34 years old, he is carving a niche as an entrepreneur; he is also the president of the Young Entrepreneurs Association. Aldain Reid speaks with Amitabh Sharma on his foray into business, what he has learnt and his expectations of the future.

JobSmart talks With Bill Clarke
He was appointed Managing Director of Scotiabank Jamaica in 1995, after a twenty-seven year career in the Bank. He rise to the top has been exceptional from the early days as a teller.

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