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Becoming an entrepreneur
Before you make the life-changing decision to start your own business, you should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages. In addition, you will need to determine whether you have the personality traits that are needed to ensure your success... <

Going SOHO - going solo
How many times have you considered giving up that awful, pressuring job and working for yourself? Once? Twice? Every month-end when the pay cheque comes? Yes, you know you would love to. Being your own boss is the ultimate goal of not just you but many w

Myths and risks of social networking
You know that connecting to colleagues online has real benefits, but there are some things holding you back. If you’re worried about wasting time, losing your privacy, or struggling with your technical skills

How to plan your office break
As the summer winds down, many of us are trying to squeeze in a few days off before the cool weather and increased commitments of the fall kick in. After all, you wouldn’t want to leave any of your vacation days on the table

Simple ways to upgrade your look
Dressing for success doesn't have to mean becoming a fashion maven or spending a lot of money. Here are some simple ways to upgrade your look from passed-over to promotion-ready.

Rules of style for the workplace
Dressing for work used to be pretty easy - a suit and tie for men, and a skirt suit or pantsuit for women. Then came 'casual Fridays' and 'Hawaiian shirt day.' Today's business-casual workplace would seem to be a world without rules.

How to start a mentorship programme
How do you hang onto your brightest young talent and prepare them to lead? Simple: Recruit your more experienced employees to help teach and guide them. Not only can a mentoring programme boost your bench strength for top jobs, research proves that people

Five signs that you have a crummy job
Layoffs are the casualty that grabs most headlines during times of economic woe. But what happens to the survivors — especially managers — who must do more with less, and under increasing stress?

Pull your company out of its slump
Layoffs have truncated staff; cost-cutting measures are threatening projects, and morale is in the toilet. From the manager's perspective, getting the most out of employees in this kind of environment can seem like a gigantic task.

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