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Press Association Jamaica Of Jamaica | 2018-10-08 12:24:00

The Press Association of Jamaica notes with dismay the exchange on Tuesday between State Minister with responsibility for Works, Everald Warmington and Sashana Small, a reporter with Business Access TV.

The PAJ has been here before with Mr. Warmington.

On numerous occasions in the past, he has verbally abused members of the press without any satisfactory response from the Prime Minister.

Mr. Warmington’s loutish behaviour is sufficient grounds for us to ask the Prime Minister to state clearly and definitively whether he supports this kind of conduct from an MP he saw it fit to appoint as a State Minister.

Ms. Small was not calling Mr. Warmington to discuss personal business.

She called him in line with her job as a member of the fourth estate.

Miss Small does admit she did start her recording before informing Mr. Warmington. She says she didn’t get the chance to tell him he was ‘on the record’. It is however important to note that she never used the recording in any news broadcast.

The PAJ acknowledges that no elected or appointed official must speak with the press.

But we demand that when they do so they speak with respect and decency.

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