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Neita Joins PAJ in Call for the Resumption of Post Cabinet Press Briefings

Press Association Jamaica Of Jamaica | 2018-05-11 10:49:00

The Government is not only demonstrating a lack of respect for the press by not convening the weekly post cabinet press briefings since November 2017 but the Holness administration is also treading a thin line as it relates to the constitutional freedom of expression and by extension, freedom of the press, by withholding the opportunity for the media to get the relevant information about issues being discussed by the cabinet” said Opposition spokesperson on Information, Natalie Neita as she joins the Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) in its call for the resumption of post cabinet press briefings today (May 10).

Post Cabinet Press Briefings, by precedence, has been the main mechanism for the media to probe the issues discussed by the Cabinet and to get answers from the relevant Ministers as national matters are being planned for and dealt with. “Information dissemination to all Jamaicans is at the core of the democratic process because it is a means of ascertaining transparency on the part of the Government.  As a former Minister, I know I had the responsibility to the Jamaican public to give an update on matters involving my portfolio because I recognized the vital role that the media play in information dissemination and public perception,” continued Neita.

“The opposition believes that the Government’s neglect in hosting the weekly press briefings is unacceptable; especially with the current thrust of the administration in announcing Zones of Special Operations (ZOSO) and public states of emergency which greatly affect both the social and economic activity of the communities involved, and the wider public at large. The population needs to be able to probe and get answers from their leaders.” concluded Neita.

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