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National Land Agency launches new ‘Qme’ Queue Management System

0 | 2019-04-01 12:26:00

The National Land Agency (NLA), has launched its Qme Queue Management System, which will enhance customer service delivery at its Land Titles Division. The new service is aimed at eliminating queues in the customer service area, and will allow customers the freedom to plan their time more efficiently.
The service, which was launched on March 25, 2019, will be implemented in two (2) phases. Under Phase 1 of Qme, customers will be queued virtually by a Customer Service Officer once at the Land Titles Division. Once queued into Qme, customers will receive updates via text messages regarding their expected wait time, and, placement within the queue. Customers will be notified every 30 minutes, and thereafter every 6 minutes, when it is closer to their appointment to speak with a customer service representative. All text message charges will be borne by the NLA.
Customers are able to access the following services under Phase 1 of Qme:
 Application Desk
 Customer Service
 Dispatch
 Search Desk
Phase 2 of the service, which will be launched during the 2019/2020 financial year, will allow customers to queue themselves virtually via the Agency’s website at:, or through our kiosk located at the Land Titles Division. Customers who opt to utilize Qme, via the Agency’s website, will be able to set appointments to speak with our in-house Attorneys, or to address matters relating to Simultaneous Lodgements. Customers who queue themselves via the kiosk, will access the services under Phase 1.
“The daily customer service operations at our Land Titles Division, requires the National Land Agency to implement a system that will allow us to meet the needs of our customers. Their transactions are multi-faceted, therefore we needed a system that would be able to manage the daily complexities at the Division. Qme is able to fulfil that goal, as it is more sophisticated than the traditional “take a ticket or number” system, to which so many persons have become accustomed. Our customers are now empowered to plan their time more efficiently, as once they are registered in Qme, they do not have to wait in office, as they will receive real time updates via text messages, on the status of their respective appointments. Qme heralds a new day in the delivery of customer service in the public sector, and the National Land Agency is pleased to be a pioneer in this regard,” said Nicole Hayles, Acting Senior Director for Business Services.
By eliminating the physical queue, Qme allows customers to use their time more productively by enabling them to join the queue at their convenience.

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