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Holocaust Survivor, Eva Schloss to Visit Jamaica For Her ‘Kindness, Tolerance and Diversity’ World Tour

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She is making history again. Holocaust survivor, Eva Schloss travels to Jamaica next Tuesday to share her story of strength, determination and survival.
The Pegasus Hotel in Kingston will form the backdrop for Scholss to spearhead an evening filled with discussions and the sharing of thoughts around the importance of kindness, tolerance, and diversity. This unique event is pivotal especially in times where discrimination and hate are at an all-time high around the world.
According to Homer Sylvester, in the Gleaner’s editorial, Thursday, March 21, ‘Jamaica has had its share of unrest, anxiety and other social turbulence which have been occurring within and across national boundaries and of which we are reminded every day’. Therefore, her urgent overarching message of Love is as relevant to the people of Jamaica as it is in the global village, as she endeavours to bring hope into the lives of those who take the time to join her next week.
With a fading generation of Holocaust survivors, we have an obligation to hear their firsthand accounts now more than ever and to pass these stories on to the next generation,” says Rabbi Yaakov Raskin, Chabad of Jamaica. “Each and every survivor has a story to be told. Eva’s story is one of courage, perseverance and standing up for what is right, and those are things we can all learn from,” he continues.
During a candid interview, Schloss will share her journey as the stepsister of Anne Frank, a German Jewish icon, whose name and memoir continue to engender compassion and respect for diverse cultures. Scholss will provide detailed insights on Anne Frank’s diary, which was published some 70 years ago, following Franks death.

She recounts her childhood and difficult life at age eight, where her family was forced to move from Austria and venture into Holland to hide after the Nazis as a result of an invasion during World War II. Schloss and the family of her neighbour, Anne Frank, were deported to a concentration camp after Nazi troops found them two years later. Frank, as well as Schloss’ brother and father, did not survive the ordeal, but she and her mother did. Her mother later married Anne’s father following the war. After some time, Schloss travelled to England where she met her husband, Zvi Schloss and the couple now have three daughters living in London.

Following on the heels of such a traumatic childhood experience, Schloss has since devoted herself to educating people about the woes of the Holocaust and the need to spread peace and love. Her messages continue to break down barriers and emphasise the thought that life should be lived by inspiring others and bringing communities together in unity.

Schloss will present at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel next Tuesday, April 2, at 7:30 pm. She, along with her host, Chabad of Jamaica, directors Rabbi Yaakov and Mushkee Raskin, welcome families of all faiths and beliefs to share in this once in a lifetime opportunity to engage first-hand with one of the few living survivors of one of the most turbulent times in history.

This symposium of sorts is sponsored by Chabad of Jamaica as well as the charitable support by ICD Group Holdings Limited, Jamaica National Group, the Jamaica Pegasus hotel, Isratec Jamaica Ltd, and others.

This milestone event carries a $500 contribution fee for students and $1,000 for general admission as well as a $2500 admission for prefered VIP seats. Tickets are available online at or via phone call 876-630-4400 or 876-894-6323. Tickets can also be bought at any Cannonball Cafe outlet in Kingston and St. Andrew or at the Kosher Hot Spot in Montego Bay.

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