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Excelsior Community College to host College Month, March 10-28

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With a focus on personal, industry and professional development and certification, the research-driven community college on Mountain View Avenue becomes a light in a time of darkness for many who live in and beyond the districts of Mountain View.
During the month of March beginning on the tenth (10th) with its Church Service, Excelsior Community College (ECC) will host its annual College Month of activities, March 10-28, 2019, under the theme, Taking You Where You Want to Go.
Emphasis is placed on YOU, that is, the individual, the community, the Church and the districts in and around and beyond its environs. The aim is to continue transforming lives and produce global citizens.
“To do this, the College has formed partnerships with Niagara College in Canada and Hocking College in the USA through which our students can gain either dual certification Associate Degrees or professional qualifications recognized in the issuing country,” according to principal Philmore McCarthy. “We also now offer occupational degrees.”
Originally a five-day event, College Month has been extended to three weeks to encourage and guarantee more meaningful interactions between faculty and interest groups such as students, investors and industry personnel.
The Month will also allow the College to celebrate its achievements. Since 2017 for instance, over 600 of its students have gone abroad on cultural exchange and scholarship exchange programmes, and internships. On Open Day March 21, the public is invited to come and explore these and other international opportunities.
Aligning itself to a data-driven approach to its offerings, ECC will also showcase cutting-edge research projects by academics including faculty, and students on Research Day March 13. Among the presenters are Drs. Kerry-Ann Barrett, Bhuvaneswari Gudapati, Andre Haughton, Christopher Charles and Nsonbi Jaja. There will also be the launching of its first peer-reviewed scholarly journal.
With the launch of its Business Incubator last year, College Month also seeks to foster a culture of entrepreneurship by nurturing student entrepreneurs. During Entrepreneurship Week, March 18-22, guest speaker Tyrone Wilson, president and CEO of eMedia Interactive Group Limited, will explore the move from incubator to industry.
According to Philmore McCarthy, principal of ECC, “College Month provides an opportunity for the College to partner with schools, businesses, researchers and the public in general to provide solutions to the nation’s problems. We have given more opportunities to the average Jamaican.”
College Month will conclude with STEM Day on the 28, where emphasis will be placed on the commercialization of STEM products produced by the St. Andrew-based institution.

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