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G2K | 2019-03-04 16:27:00

Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is this morning expressing serious disappointment at the sexist and prejudiced comments uttered by PNP candidate for East Portland Damion Crawford in reference to his opponent  Mrs. Ann Marie Vaz.

According to media reports, PNP Candidate for Eastern Portland, Mr. Damion Crawford, while on the political platform said, “If you look at potential, the furthest this lady will go is Mrs Vaz.” This utterance was part of a presentation that was riddled with divisive comments about race, class and gender.

Generation 2000’s Vice President Miss Daniella Allen described his comments as disappointing and disrespectful. “Crawford’s comments are chauvinistic and takes us back to a time when the predominant belief was that a woman’s place is in home. It is simply frightening to think that a Vice President of a major political Party could utter such thoughts, and the effect it could have on reinforcing such views to our young women  and men”

Noting that women have struggled for centuries to achieve gender equality and equity and continue to work hard to break through glass ceilings, Vice President Miss Kimberley McLeod says Crawford should campaign on issues. “This is a matter of merit; Mrs Vaz is a most worthy candidate who has shown her commitment and dedication to the people. She has lived in the parish and has been working alongside the people for many years. She deserves to be treated with respect. It is beyond shameful that Crawford who sells himself as being new and different should allow such anti-feminist garbage to spew from his mouth.”

Meanwhile Generation 2000 says Crawford’s callous and backward comments are indicative of his cowardice in the face of an impending by-election where he is set to lose to a formidable female candidate.

The organization further states that Crawford’s insensitive comment comes just days before  International Women’s day shows his contempt for the strong women of Jamaica who are stepping boldly into positions of leadership and doing so in a steely yet graceful manner.

G2K is commending the Jamaica Labour Party for its commitment to recognizing and giving women equal opportunities both at the political and government levels

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