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Thursday, February 28, 2019, was an evening of celebration and merriment as Partners Interventional Centre of Jamaica (PICJ) recognised its 1st year anniversary with an intimate dinner at Courtyard the Marriott. Doctors and partners alike took a well-deserved evening off to acknowledge the growth and successes of this heart healthcare centre in its first year of operation.

The cardiovascular centre located in Kingston at private hospital, Medical Associates Hospital,
had a standout year with approximately 2,000 consultations and diagnostic procedures
completed which have assisted Jamaicans in living richer lives.
“When we opened the doors of Jamaica’s first fully functional cardiovascular centre located in a
private hospital, it was with the goal that we would provide first rate, cutting edge medical
services that positively impacted the lives of our patients and our partners. It pleases me to say
that we still continuously strive to meet that goal and it has resulted in a culture and
environment at our centre that is deeply committed to meeting needs of those we care for,”
stated Dr. Victor Elliott, Managing Director, Partners Interventional Centre of Jamaica.
As the first private entity in Jamaica to house a fully functional catheterization laboratory, the
lives of over 400 Jamaicans have been saved or improved, owing to procedures done in that lab
at PICJ. Also, while they have only been in operation for one year, PICJ holds one of the quickest
times-to-treatment records in the entire region for patients suffering cardiac incidents. This
incredible feat is largely due to the commitment of the experienced doctors at PICJ to remain
innovative through continuous training and development to ensure that everyone is skilled and
informed on the latest technology and industry best practices.
“Our latest innovative adoption is the Mycarelink from Medtronic that allows patients with
pacemakers to send us data about their pacemakers using their smartphones. This has made
the world of a difference because now we don’t need to wait until the patient realises
something is wrong. We have stay on top of the situation every step of the way,” added Elliott.
Medtronic is just one of the partners with which PICJ collaborates to provide the best care for
its patients. Through partnership with other cardiologists, PICJ now offers Electrophisiology
Studies and Pacemaker Insertions. Also, through its constant partnership with Medical
Associates Hospital, where PICJ is based, all patients benefit from 24- hours emergency services
for chest pains and heart attacks.
With one year under their belt, the dedicated doctors at PICJ have even more in store for
Jamaicans in their next year of operation. One such plan is to continue championing the
heightened awareness of heart disease and prevention practices. The centre participated in two
major campaigns in 2018 to spread awareness of heart health and to remind Jamaicans to visit
a doctor at the first sign of chest pain. This is of utmost importance to the team who is
committed to remaining Jamaica’s Partners for Life.

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