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UHWI moves ahead with going paperless

0 | 2019-02-20 14:40:00

The University Hospital of the West Indies is moving swiftly ahead towards a completely paperless hospital and this week demonstrated how this is being achieved in the radiology department.

Dr The Hon Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health, on Wednesday, February 13th paid a visit to the UHWI to witness the official demonstration of the digital x-ray in action and how it is incorporated in the Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) to achieve a seamless and paperless process. The simulation was carried out by Advanced Integrated Systems, Senior Software Architect and Research Engineer, Matthew Budram.

Mr. Budram explained that The Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) was developed with the sole aim to help in the management of hospital information and processes by integrating with machines such as the digital x-ray machine.

“The HIMS incorporated with machines such as the digital x-ray will result in the ultimate paperless transaction. Radiology test requests are now able to be received at a click of a finger as clinicians can send automated requests to the Radiology Department at the time of the consultation with the patient. Appointment Scheduling is also incorporated when the requests have been vetted and verified by the Radiology team and appointments can be scheduled with the department based on the availability of the machines,” Budram said.

“Results are now able to be made immediately visible to the reporting radiologist and clinicians requesting the study via email, mobile devices and computers throughout the hospital. All reports and images are then attached to the patient's digital record and reside for any clinician in the hospital to access which lead to a seamless process from start to end” he added.

With the elimination of the paper-based request forms, the hospital can reduce and eliminate any errors that may occur due to data entry.  The digitization of the patient records and images can be accessed on demand throughout the hospital.  The automation with the new X-Ray machine can allow the machine to reconfigure itself based on the study requested.   All of these achievements reduce the time to process the patient's test and results.

“This HIMS system will eliminate the need for document storage, gives faster response times to the Radiology Department and allow for the elimination of data entry errors which are present in hand-written forms,” explained Budram.

With the current economic climate and present environmental state, many organizations have been taking the necessary steps to go paperless. While healthcare services need to be delivered in a cost-effective way, becoming paperless is much more than that. It is about delivering better care in the face of complex demands, enhancing the patient experience, and improving the day-to-day work routine for hospital staff.

Advanced Integrated Systems Limited is the company tasked with digitising the UHWI and is currently in the process of completing the implementation of its HIMS

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