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Transport Minister, the Honourable Robert Montague MP, says the Ministry is moving to ensure that public transport operators who have ten (10) or more points deducted from their driver’s licence or ten (10) outstanding tickets are barred from driving. Moves are being made to have the same punishment applied to drivers with ten (10) or more outstanding warrants.  Minister Montague says the badges of those operators will be suspended until they regularize their status withthe relevant enforcement agencies of the government. The wearing of Driver and Conductor badges is a requirement under section 124, 125 and 126 of the Road Traffic Regulations.

The Transport Minister was addressing the Transport Stakeholders Conference which took place yesterday at the Jamaica Conference Center in Kingston. Minister Montague told the conference - "we are moving to put in place measures to ensure that when a driver has 10 points deducted from his licence or accumulates 10 or more tickets or has 10 or more warrants their badges will be suspended until they address their problems with the Government. We cannot in a developing country have transport operators with seven-hundred tickets and they continue to be on the road. We are addressing this issue"

Minister Montague also commended public transport operators who are law abiding and conduct themselves in a manner which brings pride and professionalism to the sector. He urged participants in the sector to view their involvement as not merely 'running a bus' or ‘running a taxi’ but as a business engagement.

The Transport Minister stated - "a lot of people do not put the right value on this sector, this is the crucial sector which takes our children to school, this is the sector which takes our people to work, this is the sector which takes our tourist to many attractions. It's time to recognize the transportation sector for what it is. It is a key driver for the economic growth and prosperity agenda. We have to pass the stage of regarding the sector as a mere hustle business.”

Minister Montague shared with stakeholders at the conference his vision for the Transport Sector. He commented - "I dream of a productive, profitable, first world sector where professionalism is restored across the board."  The Transport Minister also urged more investors, including the ordinary Jamaican, to begin to explore opportunities in the aviation industry to provide more cost-effective and quicker alternative means of transportation to the populace.

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