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Online Filing Mandated for Corporate Income and Assets Tax Returns

Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) | 2019-01-30 11:31:00

Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) is reminding taxpayers that Corporate Income Tax (CIT) and Assets Tax Returns MUST be filed online as of this tax season, via TAJ’s online portal at, on or before the March 15 due date. This means corporate bodies, organizations such as Partnerships, Trust & Estates, Building Societies, Life Assurances as well as registered Charities, must now file their Income Tax Returns and supporting documents online. Similarly, all companies required to make Assets Tax Declarations (AT01, AT02) must also do so electronically.

These new ONLINE Returns/Declarations include:
Tax Type Return/ Declaration

Corporate Income Tax (CIT) IT02

AssetsTax AT01

March 15 is the due date for all companies, organisations, self-employed persons, as well as
employed persons with additional sources of income or multiple employment, to file their
Annual Income Tax Return for the year 2018 and to declare their Estimated Income and Tax
Payable for the year 2019, using the forms related to the particular year and business
Individual Income Tax filers, including professionals and self-employed persons such as
entertainers, doctors, lawyers, realtors, landlords, shopkeepers, barbers, hairdressers, taxi/bus
operators and others are not mandated to file online at this time. However, they are also
encouraged to register to file and pay online via the TAJ’s tax portal at
Taxpayers may get additional support by contacting 888-829-4357 or visiting the “How To”
section at for user-friendly instructions on how to file Income Tax
Returns online. TAJ has further increased its online filing capacity by providing designated
eTaxSpots and an eFiling Centre at major offices, for the electronic filing of Returns while
getting support from TAJ personnel.

TAJ’s annual Special Taxpayer Assistance Programme will also be offered, beginning
February, to assist micro, small and medium enterprises with their filing obligation, with a focus
on online filing.
For further information persons may contact the Tax Administration’s Customer Care Centre
at 888-Tax-Help (888-829-4357) toll-free or visit our website

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