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CAC Foundation, Pacers makes special donation to STEP Centre

0 | 2019-01-28 11:30:00

CAC 2000 Foundation, in collaboration with Pacers Running Club, is elated that the 10K and Half Marathon Charity Run held on November 10, 2018 was successful in raising $650,000 all of which has been donated  to the STEP Centre, 250,000 more than last year.

Pointing to the success of the run, Head of the CAC 2000 Foundation, Ms. Gia Abraham applauded Devon House Development Ltd. for providing extensive support to the racers platform. Abraham also commended the Pacers group for aligning with their vision and hopes to provide even more funding for children with disabilities  through their continued relationship and investment in the development of the STEP Centre.

The money was well received by the school that provides therapy, education and parenting of children with multiple disabilities. CAC Foundation’s mandate which focuses on providing opportunities to those in need was clearly evident in their ongoing relationship with the centre, as Abraham noted plans she has in place.

“The vision for me is to have an entire camp around Hippotherapy and being able to service persons with disabilities where it is free of charge to them,” expressed Abraham.

When asked about her plans for the development of the STEP Centre, Abraham was excited to point out that they are currently focusing on music therapy and will once again be bringing licensed Music Psychologist, Emily Dixon to the school.

“In addition to working in this arena the Foundation also runs a technician training programme which involves enrolling persons from the inner city (once they pass the testing phase), getting them trained, and then outfitting them with the tools necessary for them to hopefully provide for themselves or become gainfully employed ” said Abraham

Music, drama and art therapy are the areas in which the CAC Foundation hopes to provide further support to the STEP Center.

The Pacers Club is expected to continue its partnership with CAC Foundation and noted that they will be devising more ways to work together to enhance the school curriculum and raise funds towards its development.

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