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 On January 16, 2019, the Sygnus Group officially presented a cheque for
J$200,000.00 to St. Patrick’s Foundation to finance the improvement of the Foundation’s Head
Office. The Caribbean based non-traditional financial solutions firm, Sygnus, made the decision
to donate to St. Patrick’s due, in part, to their exceptional fiscal year.
“Sygnus had a great year in 2018 due to the support of our investors and clients and to
demonstrate our appreciation, we are donating J$200,000.00 in their honour to assist in the
upgrading of St. Patrick's facilities. We chose this foundation primarily because of the affinity we
felt for the organisation and their efforts in the development of human capital and community
engagement. St. Patrick's Foundation's commitment to empowering young people through
personal development, education and skills training is very much aligned with our social
consciousness and we are proud to play our part in improving their facilities to continue
advancing their mandate,” said Berisford Grey, CEO, Sygnus Group.
The funds provided by Sygnus will go towards the purchase of a new energy efficient air
conditioning system so that the hardworking team at the Foundation can continue to operate
efficiently and effectively.
"At St. Patrick's, we have a very dedicated and committed staff that often have to go without
certain benefits because we try so hard to channel everything we have into the communities we
support. The problem is always funding. So, we are extremely excited that Sygnus agreed to
partner with us in improving our facilities so that our staff and volunteers can benefit from the
right working environment,” stated Hermine Metcalf, Chairman, St. Patrick’s Foundation.
This donation is in keeping with the mandate of Sygnus Group to give back and make a positive
social impact through strong corporate stewardship. While Sygnus was established to create
and preserve wealth for their clients, Grey stated that, “the company does not exist solely to
make a profit. Rather, the team at Sygnus has plans to expand our corporate social programme
as the business expands, with the hopes of making the support of St. Patrick’s and similar
organizations a sustained effort and just a first step in our dedicated approach to help build the
Sygnus is a Caribbean-based non-traditional financial solutions firm. They provide
out-of-the-box ideas to meet the needs of a diverse set of Caribbean and international clients,
including individuals, companies and governments. Sygnus is dedicated to the creation and
preservation of wealth for their clients and as such, they adopt a flexible approach to ensure
clients achieve their financial objectives. Their practice is based on the principle of 3i’s -
Innovation, Independence and Integrity to ensure clients interests come first.

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