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Robinson calls for transparency on appointment of new USF head

PNP HEADQUARTERS | 2019-01-09 13:04:00

The People's National Party is calling on Prime Minister Andrew Holness, who has ministerial responsibility for the Technology Ministry to publicly reveal the process that has led to the selection of Daniel Dawes, a former Jamaica Labour Party parliamentary candidate and a current member of the JLP's Central Executive as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Universal Service Fund (USF)

Opposition Spokesman on Science and Technology, Julian Robinson says "Given the recent history of this same USF Board, which recruited the last CEO, Camille Buchanan, who did not meet its own minimum requirements and overlooked many more qualified candidates, in the interest of transparency and good governance, it is incumbent that the public be told the following details:
1. A profile of the job experiences and qualifications of the persons who applied for the position
2. The process used to short list candidates and the committee that did the short listing
3. The scores and ranking of those short listed candidates and the basis for Mr. Dawes selection

The PNP notes that the USF is one of the agencies under the portfolio of the former Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology led by Andrew Wheatley, where there has been widespread instances of cronyism, nepotism and corruption and the public must be assured that the new CEO was selected in a process that can stand the test of scrutiny.

The Party notes that the issue is not with Mr. Dawes political affiliation, as persons who serve politically should not be barred from holding offices such as these, as long as they meet the requirements of the post and are selected in a process that is fair and just.

Robinson says "The number one priority of the current Administration should be to restore confidence and trust in the integrity of the operations of agencies under former Minister Andrew Wheatley's portfolio. The transparent selection of competent and qualified individuals to lead these agencies is a critical first step in restoring that trust."



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