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LMAJ Illegal Certification of Documents

0 | 2018-12-21 11:41:00

The Lay Magistrates Association of Jamaica (LMAJ) has taken noted an article published in the Sunday Gleaner of December 16, 2018 headlined " Joking with Justice" in which it points to Justices of the Peace who are operating out of the transport centre in Montego Bay and are illegally certifying documents for strangers at the Montego Bus Park.

The LMAJ  strongly condemn such action, as this is a clear breach of the Code of Conduct  for the office of the Justice of the Peace

The LMAJ views the actions of Justices of the Peace who continue to engage in unscruplous behaviour as  a dereliction of duties and a betrayal of the oath of office which they took.

As a body which is geared as fostering the best behaviour for those who took an oath to uphold the office of Justice of the Peace , the LMAJ is calling on all well thinking and law abiding citizens to begin to expose these Justices of the Peace.

The LMAJ has also joined with the Honourable Minister of Justice in his call for the police to engage in sting operations when reports are made of Justices of the Peace acting outside of the Code of Conduct.

The LMAJ is also calling on Custodes to immediately take action against deviant Justices of the Peace who are failing to uphold the highest standards of the oath they took.

At the same time the LMAJ continue to encourage Justices of the Peace be mindful of their training and that they must be firm in their stance by refusing the request to offer recommendation to strangers

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