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Across the Caribbean, numerous discussions are taking place on digital transformation. Among the proponents is the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) which has been encouraging the establishment of 21st Century Governments - governments that are citizen centric and make effective use of information and communications technology (ICT) to seamlessly deliver services to their citizens.

Transitioning to a 21st Century Government represents a leap forward in digital transformation that will necessitate the adoption of cloud technologies but will result in huge dividends. Migrating government services to the cloud will reduce the cost of managing and maintaining information technology (IT) hardware and software; provide automatic updates to the latest technology; provide access to resources on demand and the flexibility to scale while paying only for the resources used.
Importantly, however, it is recognised that some stakeholders are concerned about the security of their data in the cloud. Much work has been done globally to allay those fears but more needs to be done in the region, given that using cloud technologies is a critical component of moving to 21st Century e-Government services.
The Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have therefore been in discussions to explore how AWS could contribute to the migration to 21st Century Government by providing support in the area of cloud services and particularly what can be done to ensure data security in the cloud.
Discussions thus far have focused on AWS’ Pay As You Go facility, Infrastructure and Software as a Service, support for the Internet of Things and providing data security in the cloud. 
The CTU Secretariat’s team was led by its Secretary General, Bernadette Lewis, who met with AWS’ Luis Ayala, Head of Public Sector Central America & Caribbean, and Christian Romero, Solution Architect.

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