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On Sunday, December 9, Sharon Feanny, the owner and founder of the
Shakti Yoga House and health guru, launched her new cookbook, ‘Sharon Feanny’s Live Fit
Kitchen’ at Strawberry Hill Hotel and Spa.
Known by many as the woman who brought yoga to Jamaica, Sharon has often engaged in
projects that encourage Jamaicans to live fit, live life and live love. Surrounded by the beautiful
and lush hills of Blue Mountains, guests were led in a calming yoga session by Feanny before
she explained the reason behind her newest “labour of love”. In the introduction of her book,
Sharon told us “I wrote this book for you because I am encouraging you with all my heart to
move toward a more plant-based life. A plant-based diet does not mean you have to give up
meat, but that you choose to focus more on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds: foods from
Mother Earth. I can’t wait to take you on this never-ending journey of discovery. Take a deep
breath in, and a long breath out, and be here now. Read through the pages and find one recipe
or nugget of wisdom that you can try today. Little changes add up to a lot. Soon you will be
living fit, living life, and living love too and encouraging those around you to do the same”.
After the morning’s yoga session, guests were treated to passed hors d’oeuvres featuring
recipes from the cookbook. The books were also available for sale on location with the option
for Sharon to personally sign a copy for those who purchased. They are also currently available
in Fontana locations islandwide. Sharon Feanny’s Live Fit Kitchen features 100 recipes that offer
the most nutritious meals that are simple to prepare and delicious. Sharon even dedicated a
portion of the book to “guilty pleasures” and sweet treats in keeping with her 80/20 rules of
eating well 80% of the time and using the next 20% to enjoy a scrumptious dessert - the right
After becoming a certified Yoga Instructor in 1995, Sharon returned to her homeland, Jamaica
with a passion, not only to bring yoga to the island, but to spread the message of health and
happiness through various outlets. Since then, she has initiated the Transformational Live Fit
Detox Program, innovative Yoga classes that range from her signature Shakti Vinyasa Flow to
her cutting edge Live Fit Yoga (a combination of Kundalini Yoga with High Intensity Interval
Training), Yoga Retreats, Cooking Workshops, Aromatherapy Products, Yoga DVDs and
charitable work opportunities.
For more information, visit . Stay tuned for Sharon’s upcoming 7 Day
Online Shakti Activation Program that launches January 21-27, 2019. It is a lifestyle program
that is shared online and combines the magic formula of Yoga, Detox and Self Care for a total
mind and body reset for only $97 USD.

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