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Preserving School History For Future Generations

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They have been around for years. Some of us may even be able to find one in a closet or box tucked away somewhere in our homes, so the concept is not new, but the energy is. Call it a resurgence of an old trend with a modern twist, but school yearbooks are back, and back in a major way. So much so that the recently concluded legal deposit month at the National Library of Jamaica could not go down without the deposit of some twelve yearbooks under the watchful eyes of the Hon. Minister Olivia “Babsy” Grange, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, whose portfolio includes the preservation of our culture, of which the National Library of Jamaica plays a vital role. “There are certain periods in our lives which are more critical and more important than others, and the period through school is one such period, and unfortunately most of us have little to no record or pictorial evidence to remember this period in our lives.” stated Karl Larmond, CEO of Pageturner Publishing House, the publisher for a vast majority of the preservation effort. Larmond continued, “except for the memories, not many of us over let’s say thirty can find a photo from our high school days except for maybe a graduation photo, and let’s not even go back further to prep or primary school because then even the memories start to fade. That is the reality and it’s a sad one, so what we are doing is basically what our motto for this aspect of our company declares without apology, ‘preserving memories for the future.’ On hand for the deposit were, Ingrid Larmond, Director of Operations - Pageturner Publishing House, Dean of academics - Immaculate Conception High School and Head of the magazine committee, Mrs. Faith McCook, Mrs. Smith-Barrett and Mr. Douglas - teachers from Bridgeport High School and Ms. Jodi-Ann Evans - teacher of Independence City Primary School as well as students of Bridgeport High School.

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