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JAS President Outlines Action Plan for Farmers

0 | 2018-11-06 14:29:00

The Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) under the new leadership of Mr. Lenworth Fulton will be rolling out a plan with objectives to support and protect the rights and interests of farmers, improve the quality of life for farmers through the development of rural communities and to promote agriculture through sustainable & profitable enterprises.

At a cocktail reception held at the Jamaica Pegasus on October 26, 2018 Mr. Fulton presented his plan to key industry stakeholders. The plan includes improving lobbying and advocacy for farmers through land reform, appropriate financing, marketing and policy initiatives. He further proposed that the JAS will be transforming into a NGO to achieve financial viability, increase membership and attract local and
international partnerships.
He placed great emphasis on encouraging improvement in production and productivity in agriculture with the focus on the following industries Dairy, Beef, Small Ruminants, Poultry, Pigs, Citrus, Coffee, Roots and tubers, Vegetables and Fruits. Mr. Fulton stated “That if the government allows imported chicken meat to touch the shores of Jamaica… it would be the end of the local poultry industry” and farmers investments must be protected.

Under Fulton’s team, there will be support given to other areas related to agriculture such as Cannabis, Organic Farming, Nutraceuticals, Green House farming, hydroponics and the herb and spice industry.

The thrust will be to develop a document aimed at moving agriculture forward and therefore he has also arranged a meeting with the various Heads of the different agriculture commodity boards to compile a wholesome plan that covers every aspect of the local industry.  On this basis, he will deliver a position on Agriculture to the Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries on behalf of Jamaican farmers.

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