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PNP HEADQUARTERS | 2018-11-06 13:41:00

 “It is with heartfelt sadness that I extend condolences on behalf of the People’s National Party (PNP) to the family, friends and colleagues of Ben Francis,” said the Opposition Shadow Minister of Gender, Sports and Information, Ms Natalie Neita. She said, the late former principal of Vere Technical High School, through hard work, sacrifice and commitment; impacted the lives of hundreds of young Jamaicans through his role as a school principal, but more so, through his initiative and emphasis on sports, specifically football and athletics. 

Ms Neita said, the life of Ben Francis can be highlighted as an example of the ability of Jamaica and Jamaicans to be continuously dominant at the highest levels on the world stage. She said, the athletics programme spearheaded and implemented by Ben Francis at Vere Technical, which produced the likes of Merlene Ottey and Veronica Campbell-Brown, is evidence of the need to have coordinated and supported sports programmes throughout our school system to propel our continued dominance in sports on the world stage.

The Opposition Shadow Minister says it is her hope that the school boy football competition, named in honour of Ben Francis, will be continued and strengthened in years to come. “It is also my hope that the Ministry with portfolio responsibility for Sport, in honouring and recognizing the life of Ben Francis, will expand the High School Sports Infrastructure programme to meet the demand of our student athletes adequately by providing proper facilities and resources to harness and enhance the development of their talents,” she continued. This will no doubt assist in fostering an environment for them to transition to being world class professionals, she said.

The PNP salutes Ben Francis for being a strong positive example to young Jamaicans and urge the authorities to provide the necessary resources to our athletes so that they can build confidence in themselves, maintain discipline and conquer the world.



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