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Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica | 2018-10-23 11:33:00

 Close to 600 young persons have been awarded certificates and special awards after successfully completing the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) Internship Programme which exposed them to tertiary training at the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech, Ja).

Between May and July of this year, participants enrolled in courses specifically designed by UTech, Ja in partnership with the PCJ for the execution of the programme. The goal of the initiative was to provide the opportunity for persons to access pre-university training while being involved in activities to assist them in developing critical life skills.

For the duration of the Programme, candidates had the opportunity to live on UTech, Ja’s papine campus where they also attended classes.  Subject areas taught included Animation, Basic Construction Technology, Electromechanical Technology and Chemical Technology, Robotics, Baking Technology, Food Preparation and Land Surveying.  Other elements of the Programme included field trips, workshops, academic counselling, physical education and interaction with experts in specialized fields.

The Internship Programme was concluded with a Closing Ceremony, held on October 21, 2018 at UTech’s Papine Campus.  During the ceremony, several students were recognized for exceptional performance in the various disciplines including Sukenia Wilson for Animation, Geneva Bailey and Ricardo Fayman for Baking Technology, Demar Longmore for Basic Construction Technology, Nadesha Pinnock for Chemical Technology, Aisha Hewitt for Electromechanical Technology, Samantha Morgan for Food Preparation, Nikeita McDonald for Land Surveying and Shyamaleeswari Dayanandan for Robotics.

In addition, persons received special awards for demonstrating positive attributes; such as Kelecian Stone and Clive Kidd for Leadership, Daniel Gray for being the Most Supportive Participant and Sukenia Wilson and Recardo Fayman who were the Most Outstanding male and female participants overall.

While addressing the closing ceremony, Chairman of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, Russell Hadeed said, “PCJ and UTech wanted participants to experience learning and life in a campus setting because we knew this could possibly change their outlook which could then change their future. I commend the participants who took advantage of this opportunity and encourage them to use the knowledge and skills gained to further their

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