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Main road leading into Black River, St. Elizabeth to be closed

National Works Agency | 2018-09-25 10:37:00

Effective Friday September 21, a section of the road leading into Black River from the direction of Sandy Ground will be closed. The rod is being closed to facilitate its reconstruction. Defective waterlines will also be replaced.

Community Relations Officer at the NWA, Howard Hendriks, says the closure will impact the section of road in the vicinity of Hodges Aggregates and Powder Limited. It is expected that the corridor will be reopened within the next six weeks.

The closure of the corridor will result in traffic being rerouted. Motorists travelling from the direction of Sandy Ground towards Black River are being advised to continue through the round-a-bout, to the community of Speculation, keep right into the Hodges community, exiting at High Street.

Some 29 million dollars is being spent on the project under the 2018/2019 Capital A Flood Damage Programme.

The improvement works come amidst numerous complaints about the state of this section of road, which is a critical access point to communities such as Treasure Beach, Font Hill and Black River in St. Elizabeth. It is also a vital link to the Whitehouse and Bluefields communities in Westmoreland.

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