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More modifications to traffic management plan coming

National Works Agency | 2018-09-19 16:06:00


As the National Works Agency (NWA) continues to tweak its traffic management plan in Kingston and St. Andrew, more change is to come starting this weekend. As of this Sunday, September 23, turning restrictions will be implemented along the section of Constant Spring Road, between the bridge at Market Place and the Dunrobin Avenue intersection.

Manager, Communication and Customer Services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw says the change is being implemented at this time in order to reduce vehicular conflicts along this stretch of roadway.

He explains that with the traffic now being rerouted away from the Portia Simpson Miller Square, Washington Boulevard and Dunrobin Avenue are critical to the movement of vehicular traffic. The constant right turning movement across Constant Spring Road is impeding the flow of traffic heading into Half Way Tree and New Kingston from the direction of the Dunrobin Avenue/Constant Spring Road intersection.

Mr. Shaw says that this restriction will allow the NWA to have two lanes of traffic heading south (towards Half Way Tree) in the mornings and one lane heading north. The situation will be reversed for the afternoon peak flow.

Resulting from this restriction motorists will not be able to make a right turn from the Merl Grove High School or CVM Tv onto Constant Spring Road. Persons who wish to make such a maneouvre are being advised to travel along Dubnrobin Avenue, Red Hills Road, Eastward Park Road and onto Constant Spring Road.

Mr. Shaw says that the NWA will make this change permanent as part of the overall plan to improve traffic flow from Manor Park towards Half Way and New Kingston. A median barrier will be erected to prevent conflicting movements.

In the meantime, the one-way system that was implemented along Cassava Piece Road and the upper section of Constant Spring Road has been discontinued. The system was implemented in order to allow better movement of traffic between Cassava Piece Road and Mary Browns Corner.

Mr. Shaw says an additional lane has been created for use, especially by students entering the Immaculate High School. The school generates much traffic, especially in the mornings. This often results in serious congestion in the vicinity of the institution.

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