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Used Cars Best Options for Police

0 | 2018-09-12 16:27:00

Jamaica Used Car Dealers Association responding to Gleaner article of   September 6, 2018 - Police Cars Useless! Controversial Used Cars Now Assigned to Administrative Duties.

Opposition Spokesman on National Security Mr. Fitz Jackson needs to explain to the country where in  the letter from Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Warren Clarke, Re: ASSESSMENT OF PRE-OWNED AXIOS – AUGUST 2018, addressed to the Commissioner of Police  confirmed that pre-owned vehicles were not suitable for police work as, his statement “the letter confirmed that pre-owned vehicles were not suitable for police work” is in clear contrast to what the letter confirmed and the statement is also misleading to the public.

The letter from ACP Clarke clearly outlined that the pre-owned vehicles received by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) were assigned to do motor patrol in built up areas and, the vehicles were fully incorporated into the JCF’s fleet and have achieved optimal usefulness.

It cannot be that Mr. Jackson has difficulty understanding the very straight forward letter from ACP Clarke, it is more believable that he is just making public mischief with some hidden agenda, but Mr Jackson giving the impression that he is unaware that motor patrol is regular police work is quite frightening.

Mr Jackson’s argument that the letter from ACP Clarke also confirmed the idiocy behind the decision of the Government to purchase used cars over new must be an argument that was formed when the thinking portion of his brain went for a walk.
The move of the previous National Security Minister, Bobby Montague to procure used vehicles for the JCF which facilitated an unprecedented number of Police Stations being equipped with reliable used vehicles is the best decision that a National Security Minister has ever made in terms of procuring cars for the JCF.

The many years of both the PNP and JLP administrations procuring new vehicles that were always more than twice the cost of purchasing used vehicles for the JCF is why many police stations were left without vehicles as; the funds allocated were always insufficient to purchase the needed amount of vehicles due to the high cost of new vehicles.

If there is any idiocy in a policy decision of procuring vehicles for the JCF it is the policy decision of procuring new vehicles over used as such a decision is nothing but a waste of tax payers money.

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