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The ISSA WATA DaCosta Cup hosted the
first match of the 2018 football season. In an exciting game between Green Island High School
and Rusea’s High School, fans of the reigning champions, Rusea’s High, were not disappointed
as their team snagged a 4 - 0 victory.
As the Montego Bay Sports Centre, Catherine Hall came alive for the first match of the season,
WATA brought a whole new level of excitement to the day’s proceedings with the WATA Fan
Zone, where fans of all ages were engaged in competition not just on the field but off the field
as well. The Fan Zone featured WATA Cap Football and a WATA Shoot Out Competition, where
participants won prizes and had many electrifying surprises along the way. At the end of the
first half, the WATA team turned up the intensity with their half-time surprises. Fans were
invited to participate in a host of activities during the show, such as a football juggling
competition and the Score A Goal Competition for even more chances to win!
“ WATA is excited to be on board as lead sponsors of this year’s DaCosta Cup Competition. As
Jamaica’s most loved beverage, WATA is intrinsic to Jamaica’s way of life. In the same way,
football is intrinsic to Jamaica’s way of life - making this partnership the perfect fit. We have
even more exciting things in store for the players and the fans during this season, ” noted
Michaela Francis, WATA Marketing Manager.
At the end of the match up, the WATA team also presented the WATA Man of the Match
Trophy and Award to Kenroy Campbell, a member of the victorious Rusea’s High School football
Francis continued, “ We’ve seen over the years where the rural school competitors show
tremendous talent and promise. This year, we are involved in a bigger way to support the
schoolboy footballers, our young heroes. At WISYNCO, our aim is to always do good for our
people, and our continuous involvement with Schoolboy football solidifies that commitment.’
Schoolboy football is yet another area that not only brings Jamaicans together, but provides a
platform for Jamaicans to develop and showcase their skills. WATA’s aim is to inspire, engage
and energize both local and diaspora communities to encourage a spirit of camaraderie, good
sportsmanship and general love for the game, in keeping with ISSA’s aim for this season of
daCosta Cup.
Chairman of the DaCosta Cup and Rusea’s High School Principal, Linvern Wright, had many
reasons to be pleased with the kick-off to the season. “I am feeling more than satisfied about
our launch today. We put some good work into pulling tonight off and most things have turned
out as we hoped, including the huge turnout tonight. We owe a lot to our marketing and
advertising and if we are able to keep this up throughout the season, I expect the excitement
and aura of enjoyment to continue the way it was today. I am hoping for and looking forward to
good discipline and great play from everyone throughout the competition season.”
In addition to the hydration of our young heroes, through its newest innovations – redesigned
packaging with an average of 50% less plastic and WATA Sustainability Schools Program - WATA
also aims to inspire a holistic approach to living a healthy and active lifestyle by promoting
initiatives to create a more sustainable, environmentally-conscious Jamaica. This is seen in the
efforts of WISYNCO, as the industry leader, to champion the recycling revolution across
corporate Jamaica and, through this partnership, encourages all footballers, fans and
stakeholders to join in their recycling initiatives.
“ As we continue to strive to “Improve the lives of our people”, WISYNCO Group is very excited to
see our brand WATA be a lead sponsor of ISSA Schoolboy Football. Our annual investment in the
ISSA Schoolboy Football Competition totals JMD$31.5 million across 4 major brands with WATA
sponsoring the largest amount at $20 million as the Official Beverage Sponsor. We are excited
to do this because Schoolboy Football is much of what is ‘great’ in and about Jamaica. Our
people being active in playing, and following their favourite high school for the win – It’s all
great ,” noted Francois Chalifour, Director of Marketing & Development
Interested patrons are encouraged to follow the competition with WATA on their social media
platforms - Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @officialWATA and share their WATA Moments
this Schoolboy Football Season using the hashtag #WATASBF2018 and #ISSARealGoals.

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