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G2K | 2018-09-11 11:41:00

 Generation 2000 (G2K) the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has labeled utterances made by Ms. Krystal Tomlinson as retrograde. According to media reports the PNPYO President, while speaking at a constituency rally in East Central St. Andrew, accused the Andrew Holness administration of copying policies of her party.


“The people of Jamaica have been yearning for Jamaica’s politics to mature to the point where there is continuity with government policies and initiatives. Fortunately, we now have a responsible government that has risen above the fray to make this a reality. All sense of logic seems to have escaped Ms. Tomlinson when she made those retrograde utterances on the political platform. All well-thinking Jamaicans should reject her backward comments as the nation has long moved past that style of politics,” said G2K President, Mr. Stephen Edwards.


“Ms. Tomlinson’s utterances do nothing to help Jamaicans to overcome their real-life issues. It is unfortunate that the leadership of the PNP has been either unwilling or unable to offer any real guidance to its youth arms. This raises the question of whether the PNP and its affiliates are more interested in self-promotion and the acquisition of power than with the advancement of the nation,” said G2K General Secretary, Mr. Oludiad Brown.


President Edwards further stated, “as youth leaders we must remain cognizant of the fact that we have persons who are looking to us to lead by example with new ways of thinking. True transformational leadership should be bold enough to focus on issue-based advocacy and resist the urge to play to the gallery. This is why we at G2K have taken the position that we will focus on putting forward solutions that will help Jamaicans overcome common challenges and advance the nation as a whole.”


The record will show that G2K has led discussions on a number of real-life issues, which recently included:


·         Gender-based violence – a real problem


·         Benefits of aligned interests in public sector negotiations


·         Amending criminal laws to allow compensation for victims


·         Using tax policy to incentivize efficient use of water


Generation 2000 is calling on all political youth groups to join them in lifting the bar of advocacy beyond the status quo by devoting their energies and resources to issue-based politics

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