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People’s National Party calls for urgent action to meet water need of citizens

PNP HEADQUARTERS | 2018-07-24 11:31:00

The People’s National Party (PNP) has taken note of the update provided by the Government in relation to the extreme heat and drought conditions in some parishes. We also note the allocation earlier this month of $30 million to Municipal Corporations of St Catherine, Clarendon, St Elizabeth, St Mary and Portland. Reports being received however suggest that the situation is more acute than was described and more widespread.


The Westmoreland Municipal Corporation for example passed a resolution in May 2018, requesting assistance because the one water truck owned by them was unreliable and not able to meet the water demands of their residents. They have not yet received a response. St. Ann Parish Council has only one truck, which is reported to be out of service, and many parish tanks are now empty.


The PNP therefore calls on the Government to move immediately to make additional sums available to put Municipal Corporations across the island in a better position to respond to the urgent demands.

Spokesperson on Local Government Dr Angela Brown Burke is urging all Members of Parliament, as requested, to submit an estimate of what may be needed to satisfy demands.

“Further, we ask all Municipal Corporations to meet urgently to review the situation in the Municipality.”

Where Members of Parliament and Councillors are not from the same political party, it will require greater care and collaboration.

“Let’s not fail our citizens. Let’s grasp the opportunity for MPs and Councillors to work together, as elected leaders, to provide water to residents for basic needs.” Dr Brown Burke said.



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