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PNP HEADQUARTERS | 2018-07-16 19:15:00

The Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) says immediate and urgent action must be taken to deal with the problem of uncontrolled burning at the country’s dump sites, because of the airborne toxins and pollutants that are emitted into the environment with deadly effects to life and property.

Opposition Spokesperson on Land and the Environment - Senator Sophia Frazer Binns says, “The number of unrestrained burnings at the various sites is growing and continues to adversely impact the lives of the residents of surrounding communities and the environment as a whole; hence, there is a dire need for an immediate intervention from the Government.”
Following reports that the Retirement Dump site in Montego Bay is again on fireand given the frequent fires at the Riverton City Landfill, Senator Frazer-Binns believes that there is a total disregard for proper waste management and impact of airborne toxins to the health of our citizens by this Government.
The Senator also said “Proper management of our public dump sites mustbe a part of good governance. The government’s failure to efficiently and effectively manage solid waste in a way that respects theenvironment and protect the health and safety of our citizens is just another glaring example of poor governance and oversight”.
Senator Frazer Binns says the aged, infirm and the young areusually the ones suffering the most from the deteriorating situations as a result of the burning dumps.
At a multi sectorial meeting held in March of this year, the Government through Minister Daryl Vaz, gave its commitment to take drastic actions to fix the problems atthe Riverton City Dump and the resultant poor air quality standards along Spanish Town Road and surrounding communities.
The Minister said then, ‘the time for action is now; the time for talk has passed’ and that the Government had even promised a ZOSO styled approach to these situations”.
To date, no such action has been forthcoming and the problem has expanded beyond the corporate area dump site.
The Opposition PNP is calling on the Government to act with urgency to mobilize adequate financial support, technical expertise and the necessary oversight to effectively address this particularly worrying, environmental and health crisis.



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