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Crisis facing road construction companies as Petrojam asphalt production falters

PNP HEADQUARTERS | 2018-06-26 10:47:00

The PNP Shadow Minister of Energy and Mining, Phillip Paulwell, says a major crisis is now facing construction companies involved in road construction and maintenance projects due to the shortage of asphalt at the Petrojam refinery for two over weeks now.

In a statement today, Mr. Paulwell says several companies have been complaining of the serious shortage of asphalt and have indicated that lay-offs in the sector could begin as early as this week, if Petrojam does not resume deliveries.

The PNP spokesman is urging the refinery to make a clear statement to the country on what precisely is the cause of the severe shortage and what steps are being taken to address the shortage in the market at the earliest possible date. Mr. Paulwell also noted that this is the second severe shortage in a three month period which has caused a crisis and loss of production time in the construction sector.

He said the refinery had a duty to keep the country supplied with asphalt and despite the present scandal surrounding Petrojam, a way has to be found to keep the critical projects going and ensure that there is no loss of jobs.




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