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JPS Activates Multiple Operations Against Electricity Theft - Upscale Residences Discovered with Bypasses

Jamaica Public Service Company Limited | 2018-06-26 10:34:00

JPS is reporting the activation of multiple operations today (June 21), against electricity theft.  Teams from the Company, carried out several meter audits and investigations, as well as raids to remove throw-ups from the network across several parishes.

Preliminary estimates reveal that over a thousand throw-ups were removed from the network.  Additionally, a significant find was discovered in St. Andrew North, where an entire small plaza was being powered by illegal connections.  One arrest was made.  Further, two upscale residences were discovered to have sophisticated bypass mechanisms, facilitating electricity theft.  There were also a number of direct connections (or throw-ups) in a nearby community. In St. Andrew (South) 14 irregularities were discovered (a combination of residences and businesses).  In terms of adjusted billing for the irregularities discovered in Kingston and St. Andrew, the Company has been able to make a preliminary adjustment of $9.8M. 

In St. Catherine, two upscale residences were found using meter bypasses to power appliances such as air conditioners and other high energy consumption items.  While in St. Mary, an irregularity was discovered, when a customer who had been disconnected since last year, had an illegal connection run underground to supply the household.  Meanwhile, in the South-West end of the island, there were 48 meter irregularities discovered – 2 in St. James, 17 in Westmoreland, and 29 in Clarendon.  One arrest was made.

JPS is reminding persons that the Company is now using multiple methods, including sophisticated technology, to unearth instances of electricity theft.  The Company is reminding all persons who are not regularized, to make contact with the Company via 1-888-CALLJPS or via its social media platforms @myjpsonline for more information on legalizing their service.

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