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Daren Sammy looks to his future ahead of the 2018 Hero Caribbean Premier League

Caribbean Premier League | 2018-06-12 11:58:00

It wonít be long before Daren Sammy is appearing for St Lucia Stars at this yearís Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) which gets underway on 8thAugust.

As an all-rounder who is still very much in demand, Sammy is far from done with playing cricket, but he has started thinking about what he will do when he does hang up his boots.

ďA few of the franchises that Iíve played for, they want me to venture into coaching and mentoring. Itís something that Iíve spoken to my manager about, but to be honest with a young family coming up Iíll probably take a couple years off, raise my kids, enjoy life with my family because Iíve been on the road for like forever.

"Iíll watch my kids grow, get to see them take out a tooth and enjoy stuff like that, and in between definitely, probably, mentoring. I donít want to spend all this time away from home anymore. Commentary Ė you know Iíll venture. The income acquired over the years, I just have to make sure itís in the right places and investments that could sustain me and my family for my remainder of my days on this earth.Ē

It was a difficult year for the St Lucia Stars in 2017, with them failing to win a match, their only points came from an abandoned game at Warner Park, St Kitts. Sammy says they just never got going. This year there is an almost completely new squad, with Sammy one of only five players that appeared last season.

ďI think we just never gelled as a team out there. To start off, we missed a few key players, Lasith Malinga pulled out, David Miller pulled out, Shane Watson was injured the first three games of the tournament. We just never came out of the blocks. The race was finished, and we still didnít get out of the blocks.

"I always say cricket has always been a team sport, but you need individual performances. We didnít get that. We probably could bring in some changes to the franchise to make it better. So, Iím actually looking forward for this season and see what it brings.Ē

Sammy was relieved of the captaincy of the Stars halfway through last season and for CPL 2018 he says his focus this year is solely on his own on-field performance.

ďWell, to be honest, this year Iíve taken a backseat in the planning. Obviously, things didnít go well for us last year and I wonít be the captain of the franchise. Iím staying away from all this decision making. I will focus my energy in performing on the field obviously helping the captain and trying to win games for St. Lucia, especially when we are at home playing in the Daren Sammy Cricket Ground.Ē

As someone who has had a huge amount of success in T20 cricket, not least captaining Windies to two World T20 titles, Sammy is well placed to explain why Caribbean cricketers have done so well in the format.

ďWell I think the style of play, when you see a West Indian you think of flair, you think of excitement you think of entertainment and thatís what T20 is about. The brand of cricket that weíve played, weíve been playing T20s from way back. Sir Garfield Sobers and these guys they batted like T20. Sir Viv Richards, the flair in which they played.  When everybody was striking at sixty something, Sir Viv was striking at 80 or 90. So weíve always played that fast-paced brand of cricket and itís just that our generation is just blessed that T20 was introduced during that same period.

"I think itís been for the last decade, itís been whatís keeping West Indies cricket still as a powerful brand, because weíve failed at Test matches, weíve failed at One Days, but weíve excelled at T20s. Our team get in to the playoffs for so many T20 finals. I think except when weíve played in the Caribbean, we were in the semi-finals for all the T20 competitions that weíve played. Itís just a format of the game that suits our Caribbean people.Ē

When asked what makes Hero CPL so special, Sammy says there are so many elements that combine to make it a unique tournament.

ďCPL is a very great brand Ė where you get all the West Indians playing at the same time, mix the internationals with that, plus youíre in the Caribbean. I donít think thereís any other cricketer in the world that would not want to tour the Caribbean. Beautiful place, blue sea, white sand, amazing people, amazing food, itís like youíre on a vacation and thatís the type of atmosphere CPL brings.

"Plus, the cricket is exciting, the fans wonít enjoy a cricket game like that anywhere else than in the Caribbean. Weíre just unique in the things that we do, the way we celebrate, and CPL is a growing brand. I would love for St. Lucia to win this one coming. Weíve not really represented ourselves really well but hopefully this year we can raise the trophy. Itís a competition that keeps on growing, keeps on producing young cricketers and hopefully that could filter into international cricket where we can start producing cricketers that could go on to play well for West Indies.Ē

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