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Bartlett to Present Regional Tourism Development Model Concept to Caribbean Ministers

Ministry of Tourism | 2018-06-06 15:08:00

Tourism Minister, Hon Edmund Bartlett, will this week share his strategy on creating a cohesive tourism model to increase economic development of the region with fellow Caribbean Tourism Ministers in New York City.
The Minister will make his presentation tomorrow, during the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s (CTO) Council of Tourism Ministers and Commissioners meeting, which forms a part of the CTO’s annual Caribbean Week.
“I am going to be presenting the way forward for Caribbean tourism. We are excited about that because it offers a whole new perspective on how we can do more to get more.  The focus of the paper is going to be on value-added. Specifically, how do we enable people from the Caribbean family to benefit more from the fruits of tourism?” said Minister Bartlett.
The Minister also added that it was especially critical for the region’s leaders to consider this approach of increased collaboration, so that they can collectively combat shared threats and risks, while remaining sustainable and competitive in the international market.
“The region can no longer take for granted its coveted position as a premier destination and calls must be repeated for policymakers to strengthen cooperation, expand the region’s market share of international visitors and also make the industry more beneficial to local communities,” he explained.
The CTO’s Caribbean Week is the largest regional tourism activity in the New York area.  This year, the event has attracted over 6000 participants, from over 24 member countries, engaging in a series of regional discussions on the future of the industry. 
“The annual Caribbean Week event, is an opportunity that brings a number of key players of the industry to interface with the Ministers and the heads of tourism boards across the region. The whole purpose of which is to highlight what is new, exciting and different.
“We will look at trends in the market and help the Caribbean to respond to these trends, by benefiting from best practices as demonstrated by some of our partners. So, this week is going to involve discussions and debates, but also an opportunity to review the performance of the industry. As well as how we have managed the industry,” explained the Minister.
During the Week, Minister Bartlett will participate in other important meetings such as the Caribbean Diaspora Forum. He will also join Richard Cutting-Miller of Resonance Consultancy and Hugh Riley, Secretary General & CEO of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) at the second annual City Nation Place Americas conference, for a panel discuss on “Place branding in a crisis: lessons on rebuilding after Hurricane Irma.”
City Nation Place Director Claire Dewhirst also asked the Minister to speak to Jamaica’s response strategy, given the impact that the hurricane had on international perceptions which also affected the island.
During his visit to New York, the Minister is joined by John Lynch, Chairman of the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB); Donovan White, Director of Tourism; and Fiona Fennell, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at the Ministry of Tourism.   The Minister and his team are expected to return to the island on June 08, 2018.

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