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Strengthening & Promotion of Bilateral Trade relations between Jamaica & South Africa

Jamaica Chamber of Commerce | 2018-05-15 10:25:00

Mrs. Angella Comfort, High Commissioner-designate to the Republic of South Africa had a bilateral discussion on a number of issues of mutual interest to both Jamaica & South Africa. "I believe that there is a vast willingness to do business with Jamaica and the possibilities can be endless if both countries work together to develop the growth processes and strengthen the bilateral trade" echoed the High Commissioner-designate on a recent courtesy visit to the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) on 30 April 2018.
Mrs. Comfort met with JCC President, Larry Watson and CEO, Trevor Fearon, who also agreed that there needs to be promotion and strengthening of bilateral trade relations because it will facilitate mutual growth for both nations. More export opportunities could be created and South Africa would benefit significantly if their standards are more aligned with the international standards especially in exports. President Watson cited an example, "the long standing practice of rum being exported to South Africa is that it must contain 43% alcohol but the international standard for alcohol classification is 40%. If that practice is still observed in South Africa then it means the Jamaica rum, which would do excellent in South Africa, could not be exported there”.
At the end of the bilateral discussion, it was agreed that the increased in business prospects to facilitate more trading between both countries such as increased South African investments in Jamaica, as well as increased "people to people" relations in areas such as culture, security and tourism could only mean economic growth for both nations.
The High Commissioner-designate will assume duties in Pretoria in mid-May 2018.

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