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Experts in spiritual life honoured by Kiwanis Club

KIWANIS CLUB OF NEW KINGSTON | 2016-08-28 00:00:00

On Wednesday August 24, 2016 the Kiwanis Club of New Kingston in keeping with the first tenet of the Objects of Kiwanis International recognized two stalwarts of the Anglican Diocese for over eighty years of service in various parishes in Jamaica and overseas for their invaluable exemplary contributions to spiritual life.  Both honorees The Venerable Dr. Alvin Emmanuel Stone and The Very Reverend Father Franklyn André Jackson yielded God’s call to ministry as invitations to a way of life that is athletic in intensity and heroic in form.

Both have attained excellent academic levels, served as Rural Deans of St. Andrew, served on several committees of the Anglican Diocese, served as chaplains of schools, universities and institutional homes for the aged and in various posts at the national level, all with humility and distinction.   Others benefiting from their ministries of pastoral care include support for street persons, the indigent and general support for persons in their pain, loss and anxiety, and their triumphs, joys and victories.  Their immeasurable inspiration on the church and the community registers positive change that people truly need in their lives.

In a passionate response on behalf of his co-honoree Rev. Father Franklyn Jackson thanked the club for the award while acknowledging the support of their two families and the impact of the work being done by Kiwanians in the various communities in which they serve. He continued that service is the greatest gift that one human being can give to another as he likened the nature of his ministry to work of Kiwanis.

This annual award dubbed “Honoring the Clergy” is one of Kiwanis flagship programs which reflects part of the organization’s traditions and its time-tested mission of service.




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