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GOJ to receive US$35 million for Strategic Public Sector Transformation Project

Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy & Mining | | 2016-08-24 00:00:00

The Government of Jamaica will this week sign an agreement for thirty-five Million ($35,000,000.00) United States Dollars from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and is also expected to benefit from a grant of Two Million Six Hundred and Forty thousand ($2,640,000.00) United States Dollars from the Department for International  Development  (DFID), the IBRD/DFID financial support will go towards the  cost  of  the Strategic  Public  Sector  Transformation  Project.

The funds are expected to strengthen public resource management and provide support to  selected public sector institutions geared towards facilitating a more enabling business environment for private sector growth.

The Strategic Public Sector Transformation Programme has six components and under Component 3, which is set to benefit from the financial support from IDRB and DFID  supports activities that will contribute to the sustainability of GOJ's reform process in public administration, fiscal sustainability and growth.

eGov Jamaica will receive a portion of the funds and those funds will be used to build capacity and strengthen its institutional capabilities as it implements the Government of Jamaica's Information and Communications Technology Projects.
This MOU is designed specifically to fit eGov Jamaica's role as the technology implementation arm of the Government.

Overall, the project seeks to create a transformation framework which  is  in  direct  support  of  the  Vision  2030  outcome of achieving an enabling business environment through improvements  in  ICT;  and  to  proliferate  and  promote  the delivery of first-class, easily accessible and secure e-Government services. The project will also support activities that were not included or anticipated in the original design of the Project, but are deemed necessary elements as the Project unfolds.

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