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Hear The Children Cry | 2016-08-10 09:00:00

Hear The Children’s Cry is extremely concerned about the reported arrest of a 15 year old mother who is reported to have left her day-old baby at the Chapelton Hospital on Saturday night August 6, not only because of the welfare of the infant, but because the young mother’s arrest represents the re-victimization of a the mother who is a child herself. It should be her adult family members and the father of the baby whom the police should bring in for questioning.

“This story did not start with the abandonment of the baby,” Hear The Children’s Cry Founder Betty Ann Blaine declares, “It started nine months ago when another child was impregnated. This 15 year old mother is even now still below the age of consent in this country (which is 16 years), and is still legally a child, i.e. under the age of 18. A red flag should have gone up long ago!

“This situation is deeply troubling to us as advocates for children,” Mrs. Blaine continues, “And there are some very serious questions which need to be asked concerning this case, which is no less urgent and no less serious because it is not an isolated incident but part of a virtual epidemic. An epidemic of sexual abuse and inadequate care of the teenage mothers who are victims, and the infants they are seldom able to care for.

“Our country, our government and especially our child care, health and legal services need to ask:

  • Who fathered this newborn baby and is therefore guilty of statutory rape?
  • Who knew about this girl’s pregnancy?
  • Where were her parents or guardians during her pregnancy?
  • Was she attending school when she was impregnated? Did no responsible person at her school see she was pregnant?
  • Did she drop out of school?
  • Did she get pre-natal care during her pregnancy? If so, where? And why did the pre-natal care staff not report her under-age pregnancy to the authorities?

“More and more of our teenage girls are becoming mothers – children having children. This is not just a case of the babies not having proper family care; it is also about young girls facing an incredible amount of physical, emotional and financial pressure. Usually this puts an end to their education. In many cases there is inadequate health care for a critical and often dangerous time of life – for example it is believed that this young woman gave birth at home and not in a hospital.

“Even when a mother-to-be is in a secure and happy marriage, and can afford the best prenatal and maternity care,” Mrs. Blaine points out, “giving birth can be an extremely stressful time, including not only health challenges and adjusting to major lifestyle changes, but in many cases also the advent of post-partum depression. How much more stressful and daunting can pregnancy and childbirth be for a young teenager?  We at Hear The Children’s Cry have seen many of these too-young mothers during our outreaches to the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, and many of them have been absolutely petrified. These youngsters need help!”

Hear The Children’s Cry is calling for an in-depth report on the number of teenage mothers in our communities, and on what percentage of these cases are reported to the authorities as the law requires.  Where reports are not made, the situation needs to be remedied.

Hear The Children’s Cry is also calling for the Government to set up a functioning system to link some of these babies whose young mothers cannot care for them, to the Child Development Agency’s Adoption Agency.

We are also calling for the adoption process to be simplified.

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