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Water supply disruptions in St. Mary and St. Catherine.

National Water Commission | 2016-08-09 15:00:00

National Water Commission customers who are served by the Woodpark and Pagee Pumping Stations in St. Mary are presently experiencing a disruption in their water supply, as a result of an electrical fault affecting operations at these facilities.

Affected areas include:

  • Woodpark Pumping Station serving Lower sections of Derry, Wood Farm, Farm Pen and Pembroke Hall.
  • Pagee Pumping Station serving Frontier and Pagee

Repairs have already started and restoration of regular service can be expected by tomorrow Wednesday, August 10, 2016.

Meanwhile, customers in Bellevue Heights in St. Catherine are without their service which is due to power supply problems at the Bellevue Heights Pumping Station.

Areas affected areas in Bellevue Heights, Ebony Drive, Bertram Close and Bellwood Housing Scheme.

Water supply will be restored to the affected areas as soon as power supply is returned to the pumping station.

The NWC regrets any inconvenience these disruptions in service may cause.

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