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NWC alerts customers to fraudulent emails

National Water Commission | 2016-07-04 00:00:00

It has come to the attention of the National Water Commission that some members of the public have been receiving e-mails purportedly sent by the Commission and or its representatives.
The National Water Commission wishes to officially alert all its customers and stakeholders to these fraudulent e-mails and to urge persons to exercise caution in viewing and responding to any suspicious email purporting to be originating from the NWC or its employees.
Unfortunately, no matter what companies do, some fraudulent emails will always make it to the publicís inbox and with studies showing that 97% of people around the globe are not able to identify a sophisticated fraudulent email, the Commission wishes to offer the following tips for the handling of suspicious messages:
Tip 1: Donít trust the display name
Tip 2: Look but donít click
Tip 3: Check for spelling mistakes
Tip 4: Analyze the salutation
Tip 5: Donít give up personal information
Tip 6: Beware of urgent or threatening language in the subject line
Tip 7: Review the signature
Tip 8: Donít click on attachments
Tip 9: Check the header from the email address
Tip 10: Donít believe everything you see
Tip 11: Avoid sending financial information to persons unless it is verbally verified by the source
The NWC continues to investigate these unfortunate occurrences.

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