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“Crime and violence in the west not merely a police matter” – Custos Perrin

National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited | 2016-07-04 00:00:00

Hartley Perrin, Custos of Westmoreland, has indicated that the problem of crime and violence in the parish and in the west is not merely a police matter, but a socio-economic one that has to be addressed on all fronts.

Speaking during a stakeholders’ luncheon hosted by Moses Chybar, Chief Executive Officer of Importers and Distributors Limited, winner of the National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCBJ) Capital Quest Season 2 reality television show, Custos Perrin noted that the collaboration that now exists between the largest commercial bank in Jamaica and Icon Importers can only serve to signal a new dynamic and exciting partnership that should further simulate growth and development in the parish.

“In a community where scamming seems to be the number one source of employment and occupation, resulting in high levels of crime and murder, we embrace this development with open arms and hearts,” he said.

Custos Perrin commended Mr Chybar for bringing credit not only to himself, but to the entire parish and observed that while Icon may not by itself be able to create the change that is so desperately needed in the parish, it could act as a catalyst for expansion in the economic life of the parish, and bring hope and life to an otherwise dying parish.

Dwayne Vaz, Member of Parliament for Central Westmoreland, spoke about the importance of linkages and partnerships noting that it takes the efforts of each sector to make a better Jamaica. “All of us have to put our efforts together to work hand in hand,” he said, while congratulating NCBJ’s efforts in supporting the Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs).

“In a time when banks have been criticized for not supporting SMEs and how it is hard to get loans to start up a business; I want to laud NCB for their efforts and I want to challenge other banks to come up with great ideas like Capital Quest to assist entrepreneurs,” Mr. Vaz said.

Icon Importers, formed in 1999, employs over 50 persons from the community of Savanna-la-Mar and had emerged winner of a $50 billion equity investment from NCB Capital Quest Season 2.

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