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The piling up of garbage need urgent attention

PNP HEADQUARTERS | 2016-07-04 00:00:00

Former Local Government Minister and Opposition Spokesperson, Noel Arscott is expressing concern about the noticeable pile up of garbage across the island and particularly in the urban areas. "With Zik V and Dengue rampantly spreading, we cannot allow the buildup of waste as this could cause other illnesses to come about and seriously affect the health of Jamaicans," says Arscott. 
Unsure of what is behind the garbage filled streets of our nation, what is happening at NSWMA and the apparent failure of Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie to keep our urban areas clean, Arscott said, "We are calling on the head of the government to let the voting tax payers of the country know why their refuse is not being collected and what's the plan to urgently address this possible health issue."
Collecting garbage is fundamental to the running of any city and country where the residents are considered to be important. "Matters of health pertaining to our people must be prioritized and therefore, timely garbage collection is critical to this, so the government must act now," says Arscott.



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