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Senator Charles Sinclair responds to public statement made by Commissioner of Police

| 2016-07-04 00:00:00

"It is becoming clearer by the day that the Commissioner of Police is out of his depth. For him to have interpreted the proposal to cauterize the run away murder rate with a State of Emergency to mean it being the panacea to fix the problem is disingenuous to say the least", says Senator Charles Sinclair.

He was responding to a public statement made by the Commissioner at a press conference in Montego Bay where the Commissioner of Police Dr Carl Williams is reported to have said, "the crime problems (in St James) are not going to be fixed by a State of Emergency, or any significant police action."

Senator Sinclair further states, "If those are in fact the words of the Commissioner of Police, it is my considered opinion that he should forthwith hand in his resignation to the Police Services Commission forthwith or alternately it should be demanded by said Commission, as it is clear that he does not appreciate the situation existing in the Parish of Saint James."

A State of Emergency would reflect a policy decision of Government which facilitate the State giving additional powers, resources human and otherwise to the Jamaica Constabulary in the Parish to cauterize the escalating murders.

"Is it that the Commissioner is saying that he has adequate resources? Well if he does, he must get on and do the job and get the situation under control because criminal activity and murder is first and foremost a police matter. When there is a return to normalcy the state and private agencies who perform social intervention and re engineering can better perform their duties," declared Sinclair.

"At this moment there is a tremendous fear factor in the citizenry, children are unable to go to school as they are afraid to cross the imaginary boundaries in communities, people are afraid to go out to church, resource and community centres cannot carry on programs as participants are fearful in going out to the events. If it is not police action that restores calm and peace in the first instance and in the shortest possible time, I don't know what else can do so."

In support of his position Senator Sinclair alluded to reports out of  El Salvador where the murder rate was cut by one half in 2015 due to heightened police activity. He went on to say, "I guess to the Commissioner of Police, Jamaica's circumstances are different."

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