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G2K reprimands PNP Councillors

G2K | 2016-06-30 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) finds inappropriate and reprehensible the move by Kingston's Mayor, Senator Angela Brown Burke and the caucus of PNP Councillors to cast aspersions on the recent corruption clampdown by the police.

Senator Brown Burke's move to accuse MOCA of pursuing a political agenda is despicable and disrespectful of the hard working officers of MOCA and the Constabulary Force. G2K notes that MOCA Director Selvin Hay has very strongly rebuffed the surprising allegations made by the PNP.

G2K see  the statement from the PNP caucus as a ‘direct slap in the face’ of our hard working police officers and our critical international partners who have worked in tandem with MOCA’s  to combat corruption. Senator Brown Burke should apologize to the law enforcement personnel and encourage all 14 parish councils, including the 13 controlled by the PNP to cooperate with the Police.

G2K President, Senator Matthew Samuda said “The statement by the PNP Councillors suggest they are supportive of the institutionalized corruption plaguing some local government authorities, and further, to believe that an attempt to strike out said corruption is political, shows how misguided these councilors are” Senator Samuda further surmised that “the fact that persons have been arrested and charged should have been enough for the councilors to remain silent and allow the officers to conduct their duties”

Vice President of the Organization Ronique Rhoden, said “The comments made by the PNP Councillors are unfortunate; and one cannot argue against the fact that these raids and probes are necessary. A glaring example is what was uncovered at the Hanover Parish Council and who knows what else will be discovered in these additional probes”   

G2K views the utterances by the PNP Councilor Caucus, as a reminder that the fighting the scourge of corruption is not a priority of the PNP as further evidenced by the refusal to bring testify in open court regarding the long standing Trafigura Matter along with the attitude of the recently rejected PNP administration towards oversight bodies such as the OCG, where instead they labeled them as being shackles to development and attempted to bully them into silence. 

The organization wholeheartedly thanks MOCA, all Police personnel and the JDF for their dedication to curbing crime at all levels and urges them on to stamp out corruption in all places, whether high and low.

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