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Manchester steps up vector control activities

Southern Regional Health Authority | 2016-06-28 00:00:00

The Manchester Health Department has heightened its vector control activities in the parish and is appealing to residents to cooperate with the health workers when they enter the community to employ vector control measures.

Chief Public Health Inspector of the Manchester Health Department, Mrs. Charmaine Palmer Cross explained that persons who refuse the health team access to their premises to employ vector control activities can be charged a maximum fine of $1,000,000.00. She explained that the Public Health Act gives Public Health Inspectors the power to enter premises to execute these functions and failure to do so can result in prosecution. Persons who do not take steps to rid their premises of mosquito breeding sites can also be prosecuted and charged a maximum fine of $500,000.00

The increased vector control activities include: employment of temporary workers who assist with the search and destruction of mosquito breeding sites across the parish; weekend intervention to execute search and destroy activities; increased health education about mosquito borne diseases and the serving of notices on persons who fail to reduce the breeding of mosquitoes on their premises.

Turning to the precautions persons should take when their areas are being fogged, Mrs. Palmer Cross said persons should open their doors and windows for the fog to penetrate their homes, protect persons with asthma or any other respiratory illness by using a damp rag or towel to cover the face and protect bees by stuffing access to bee boxes with wet news papers.

The public is being reminded to take personal responsibility in reducing  the breeding sites of mosquitoes by covering all water storage containers with a suitable material including mesh; punch holes in tins before placing them in bins; wash and scrub the inside of water storage containers

properly to destroy mosquito eggs; keep areas free from excessive vegetation and properly store garbage.

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