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Opposition seeks answers on Jamaica's vote at OAS summit on Venezuela

PNP HEADQUARTERS | 2016-06-28 00:00:00

There are reports questioning the validity of the procedure adopted at the controversial "precedent-setting" June 23 meeting, called by the Permanent Council of the Organisation of American States (OAS), related to happenings in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as an agenda item.

Those reports also declared that a vote was taken in relation to the agenda item.

Jamaica was officially represented and participated at that meeting and so Opposition Spokesman on Foreign Affairs, Dr. Morais Guy in reacting to the report, said "I am calling on the Government to explain fully the stance of the Jamaican delegation at the meeting and to justify Jamaica's vote on the agenda item."

The significant role and the contribution made to the stabilisation of Jamaica's economy and that of other regional economies in recent times by Venezuela remains unquestionable. That, by itself, is cause enough to call for a full report on the outcome of the meeting.

Dr. Guy is also questioning the validity of the procedure adopted by a hemispheric organisation such as the OAS and the suggestion that it amounted to unjustified interference in the internal affairs of a member state cannot remain unanswered by the Government of Jamaica. 

The air must quickly and acceptably cleared on an issue such as this, which pertains to one of Jamaica's economic partners of bilateral-ism.



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