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Inaugural Fathers’ Forum to recognize, mentor and equip fathers with parenting skills

Southern Regional Health Authority | 2016-06-20 00:00:00

In an effort to recognize and encourage fathers, the St. Elizabeth Health Services will host a Father’s Empowerment Workshop which will equip some 30 fathers with parenting skills, provide mentorship and also acknowledge them for playing an invaluable role in their children’s lives.

The Health Services notes that some of these fathers who have been targeted are those who consistently take their children to child health and postnatal clinics which is commendable.

The Forum which will be held on Thursday, June 30 at the Santa Cruz Centre of Excellence in St. Elizabeth will also address questions and concerns from fathers and highlight the importance of their roles and responsibilities to their children.

Regional Technical Director for the Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA), Dr. Michael Coombs who will be the guest presenter has stated that fatherlessness is the most significant factor that contributes to broken families in Jamaica and other Caribbean countries, based on scientific evidence.

The Health Services notes that based on the evidences that various studies have concluded in relation to the impact of fatherlessness on society, fathers who are actually playing their roles must be found, acknowledged and empowered.

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