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Ministry pays schools $1.4 billion early for next year

Ministry of Education | 2016-06-15 00:00:00

THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, Youth and Information this week released $1.4 billion to high schools, which is considered the earliest historically.

This is the first of four tranches that high schools will receive under a new funding arrangement that will increase the Ministry's contribution to a maximum of $19,000 per student per institution.

The next payments, totaling $ 3.4 Billion, will be made in September and December 2016.  The fourth tranche of $500 million will be paid out in April 2017, bringing the total funding of high schools to $ 3.9 Billion.

Making the announcement on Wednesday at the Post-Cabinet Press Briefing, Information Minister Senator Ruel Reid noted that this was a promise kept.

He also disclosed that there has been a 100 per cent increase in maintenance and janitorial grants to Primary Schools, with a further 50 per cent increase to come next year. Minister Reid noted that it was the government’s policy to ensure that schools get more resources and not less by reducing barriers to access.

He emphasized that the Education Ministry approves of high schools continuing to ask parents to make their VOLUNTARY contributions as approved by Board and PTA as allowed by the Education Act Section 17 (1) f.

The Ministry, he said, will continue to monitor the management of school budgets and resources. The Education Minister added that the Ministry will carry out extensive stakeholder engagements to ensure that the strong culture of funding support for our schools are maintained and enhanced.

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