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NWA implements drain cleaning exercise in the Corporate Area

National Works Agency | 2016-06-08 00:00:00

The National Works Agency (NWA) is now conducting a drain cleaning exercise at several locations in the Corporate Area. The project which commenced last Saturday, June 4, seeks to mitigate flooding in the selected areas, as well as to reduce the risk of mosquito breeding.

Under this special project, The Havana Drain and Craig Town main drain, both in Jones Town, the Holborn Road Drain, Margette Villa Road drains and the Keesing Avenue / Strafford Avenue drains will be cleaned. The project, which is being funded by the Road Maintenance Fund at a cost of $7.8 million, is expected to be completed in two weeks.

Manager of Communication and Customer Services, Stephen Shaw, says that the targeted drains are critical ones that were heavily silted or blocked by branches, leaves or other waste. This, he says, was a hazard to property and public health, especially in light of the risk of vector borne diseases.  He further states that this effort is a part of a wider thrust to improve the drainage infrastructure across the island.

Mr. Shaw says a further 23 million dollars is being spent on other drains across the Kingston Metropolitan Region. Over sixty locations will be targeted under this programme. Among the corridors that will benefit is that from Naggoes Head to Dawkins Pen and Glengoffe to Williamsfield in St. Catherine, as well as, New Haven and Shooters Hill to Harbour View in St. Andrew.

In the meantime, just under $4.5 million is being spent in the parish of St. Thomas to improve the parish’s drainage infrastructure, as well as clean drains. The project which forms part of the annual flood damage mitigation programme will see the cleaning of drains along thirteen roadways in the parish.

St. Thomas was significantly impacted by recent heavy rains which left several roadways impassable.

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