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NWC lends a hand to residents of Rema

National Water Commission | 2016-06-03 00:00:00

Responding to a request for assistance from the Minister of Local Government and Community Development and arising from the reportedly untenable situation of sewage overflow in the community of Wilton Gardens (also known as Rema) in Kingston, the National Water Commission’s wastewater team earlier this week undertook extensive cleaning exercises on the blocked sewers inside the housing development.

Although the internal sewers are outside of the responsibility of the NWC, the Commission’s team work assiduously to correct the problems and bring some relief to the community.  After nearly four hours of removing and dislodging solid wastes from the community’s internal sewer network, the team managed to have the sewerage system cleared of all blocked up sewage. Apart from the sewer from the buildings to the terminal manhole, all others ran freely indicating that they are in good condition.

The Wilton Garden Housing Complex comprises of four (4) apartment complexes. Sewage is collected via an internal sewage network and discharged into the public sewers on 3rd Street and then transported onward to Collie Smith Drive and eventually the Soapberry Sewage Treatment Plant. Some of the problems being experienced by the residents are as a result of:

• Missing covers for internal manholes
• Aged internal  sewer system which obviously has breakages
• Inappropriate discharge of various types of garbage and other solids into the sewers and drains
• Clogged storm-water drains

In imploring the residents to keep the system properly functioning, the NWC team is strongly urging residents to not place solid waste in the sewers and drains, and not to remove manhole covers from the system.

Pointing out that the system is presently inadequate to properly serve the population in the scheme, the NWC wastewater team has also recommended both short-term and long-term steps that need to be taken to keep the system properly functioning.

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